10,000 Twitter Followers. Who Gives A &^%$#@

Have yous gotten caught upwards inwards the all the social media hype? I know that I'm on a chip of a rant today merely it seems similar the solely affair people utter most these days is social media.  Don't larn me wrong, I purpose social media equally much equally the side past times side guy - merely I'll hold out the firstly to say yous that it tin hold out largely overrated.

I was late talking to a friend most Facebook.  He told me that he had over 500 friends.  I chop-chop responded past times telling him that I had to a greater extent than than 700 connections on LinkedIn.  He fired dorsum telling me that he had over 5,000 Twitter followers.  I laughed out loud too told him that I'm flirting amongst 10,000 followers on Twitter (@mfleischner).  

Then he asked the most powerful questions of all, "What's the point?"

And he was correct - for the most part.  The reality is that many of your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Google+ circles, too thence on volition never actually line organization human relationship for to a greater extent than than a number.  It's truthful that yous tin leverage your base of operations through roughly type of linear dialog merely don't hold off to hold out going to ball games amongst people on your list.  The typical dorsum too forth tin hold out somewhat meaningless.  You know, the I post service something, yous post service something banter!  But at the goal of the day, many of these people are non your friends too volition probable non purchase what yous accept to offer.

How to Use Social Media For Profit

The enquiry I seem to larn a lot is how to construct social media for profit.  Even though my full general accounts are a mix of friends, followers, too lookers, other accounts that I've developed are small-scale merely focused.  For example, those next this spider web log are all interested inwards marketing, Internet marketing, or SEO.  This is a homogenous grouping that I depend on for feedback too interaction. In fact, I purpose your comments to cast what I utter most on this blog.  

When yous accept a phonation inwards a specific group, focused on a specific topic, the audience is much to a greater extent than probable to pay attending to what you're reading, what websites yous use, too fifty-fifty the products your buying.  That's typically how yous tin earn affiliate commissions or promote your ain products.

Getting Started
The best house to start amongst whatever social media marketing movement is at the beginning.  Think through what your goals are, what yous volition cover, too specifically, who your target is.  Regardless of objective, belonging to your social media circle is going to accept to gain value.  What makes yous unique?  What data tin yous supply that no i else does?  What's your draw?

After you've started to generate content for your audience too portion data or resources that create value, then, too solely then, tin yous start to monetize your social media accounts.  Posting data on products or services, promotion revenue, too other streams of income are possible if yous accept an engaged audience.  Keep inwards hear however, that you'll accept to raise relationships if yous desire to brand the most of your social media accounts.  Said roughly other way, social media isn't a used car exhibit room - its a house where yous construct relationships.

Think two stride marketing.  Using social media is actually all most relationships.  Once you've developed a human relationship the side past times side stride is to pass to a greater extent than fourth dimension together too portion what yous have.  For example, when I launched my book, SEO Made Simple, I gave away a full SEO chapter of the mass on the Marketing spider web log out of honour too appreciation for my readers.

From my perspective, this is the best agency to construct relationships over the long term using social media.  In add-on to getting the give-and-take out, social media has a lot of benefits fifty-fifty if a large portion of your audience isn't all that engaged.  Social media isn't most numbers, it's most relationships!

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