Google Preview. Are Y'all Kidding?

I'm every bit much close excogitation every bit the side past times side guy, but really?  Last week's update past times Google which introduced a preview characteristic on search trial pages is, inwards my opinion, non real useful.  I mean, guide maintain nosotros gotten that lazy that nosotros can't fifty-fifty click-through on a search trial listing?

This twelvemonth Google has done a lot to ameliorate their user interface in addition to rear the user experience.  In fact, I experience every bit though Google has made to a greater extent than visible changes this twelvemonth than inwards prior years.  However, simply because they brand a modify doesn't hateful that the user experience is that much to a greater extent than enhanced.  Personally I don't experience that the preview characteristic adds much if anything to my search experience.

The enquiry that many of my SEO clients are instantly bespeak me is, "Can this negatively ship upon my traffic?"  My answer is the criterion response I laissez passer on for most search engine optimization questions related to whatever Google update... "it depends."  Okay, you're in all probability thinking 'total cop out'  but the truth is that enhanced features ship upon such a modest per centum of user demeanour that if you're getting to a greater extent than than five browsers to your site inwards a month, yous shouldn't worry.

The best agency to fight whatever search engine modify is alongside a comprehensive online approach.  Are yous engaged inwards universal search for your delineate organisation (video, press releases, social media)?  Are yous taking the fourth dimension to produce the necessary keyword inquiry that volition help yous honor the best keywords to ameliorate your website rankings for?  Are yous next search engine optimization best practices?  If yous are doing all those things thus you're on the correct path.

Responding to these changes on a whim is never a proficient idea.  Stay focused on applying SEO inwards a meaningful way.  It's e'er proficient to rest informed close what search engines similar Google are doing but yous don't demand to react.  Rather, guide maintain a await in addition to run across type of approach.  It volition proceed yous calm in addition to potentially relieve yous a lot of heartache downwardly the road.

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