Programmers... Cheaper Isn't Ever Better

If you're anything similar me, you lot don't desire to overpay for anything.. fifty-fifty your website programming.  As a result, I've been using eLance in addition to Odesk for a publish of years to observe affordable programmers to assist amongst website design, programming, in addition to other technology subject projects.

During the final twelvemonth I've embarked on a publish of spider web based projects. Catch phrases like, "spreading yourself also thin", "biting off to a greater extent than than you lot tin chew", in addition to dozens of others come upwards to instant - but I'm non hither to beak to you lot close my move habits.  What I tin say you lot is that managing multiple projects simultaneously helps you lot appreciate character programmers.  I define a character programmer as:

--Someone who anticipates your needs.  They don't hold off to endure micromanaged. Rather, these programmers embrace all the details in addition to hence you lot don't get got to.  

--Someone who is to a greater extent than than a programmer - they are capable of wearing the user's shoes.  When programming they aren't close exactly next your instructions. Instead they intend close how users volition interact amongst the site in addition to brand the appropriate design/programming choices. 

--Someone who takes feedback in addition to applies it across the site.  Often changes are asked for but non applied throughout.

I know these descriptions of the ideal programmer may seem obvious, but finding a programmer that exhibits these characteristics is easier said than done.  

How produce you lot observe the correct programmer?

Unfortunately, finding the correct programmer isn't all that easy. Trust me, I've gone through dozens.  But I get got learned how to amend my chances of finding a programmer who volition acquire the task done.  

A adept house to origin is to ask, when you lot postal service a task or search for a programmer, for the inward a higher house characteristics.  Even if the answer is, "yeah, sure," you lot know they are aware of your expectations in addition to what type of resources you lot are looking for.  It's ever adept to house your expectations out in that place from 24-hour interval one!

The adjacent stride is to proceed trying novel providers until you lot observe 1 or 2 you lot tin depend on.  Working amongst the same providers over in addition to over tin construct trust in addition to usual respect.  To endure successful, vantage your best programmers amongst additional move when possible.

Happy programming!

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