Rank Company, Seat Boss... Ability To The People!

About a yr agone I was looking at a set out of unlike advertising opportunities for 1 of the companies I consult for from fourth dimension to time.  They received a missive of the alphabet labeled, Inc. 500, together with learned of an chance to hold upward included inwards a listing of Inc. 5000's fastest growing companies.  As mortal who's ever interested inwards gratuitous publicity, I agreed to fill upward out the paperwork.

I speedily realized that this wasn't for gratuitous publicity.  Quite honestly, it was anything but.  The whole concept of rating together with ranking companies past times Inc. is pretty much a scam.  In add-on to providing data almost your company, yous bespeak to post a check.  That's right, zero comes without a price.  In club to stimulate got your society considered for inclusion inwards the list, yous stimulate got to pay a fee.  Inc. may telephone telephone this a "processing fee" or another bogus shout only yous stimulate got to pay to hold upward considered.

Fighting Back
It's correct together with then together with in that place that I decided to stimulate got action.  It took me almost a year, only I lately launched two novel websites: Rank Company | Rank Your Company together with Rank Boss | Rank Your Boss.  The destination of both of these sites is to stimulate got the people who know a society the best (employees, vendors, stakeholders, etc.) charge per unit of measurement the society - non unopen to periodical that charges a concern or private to hold upward listed.  I'm trying to choose unopen to objectivity to the rankings game.
I've been inwards marketing together with advertising a long fourth dimension together with stimulate got learned that sometimes, if yous desire objectivity, yous bespeak to stand upward up together with stimulate got charge.  That's the destination of both of these sites.  Not alone should yous hold upward sharing an sense almost the society yous operate for or your boss, only yous should also tending to hit out dorsum against companies that are focused on alone supporting organizations that tin pay a fee.

Take the Next Step
I'd similar to inquire all of my spider web log readers together with followers to back upward these sites.  I'm most excited almost Rank Your Boss equally it volition alter the landscape of companies forever.  I learned early that people don't acquire out jobs, they acquire out bosses - together with zero could hold upward to a greater extent than true.
Please become out to Rank your boss together with Rank your society together with get-go sharing your insights together with opinions almost the companies yous operate for today or stimulate got worked for inwards the past!

Michael H. Fleischner

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