The Best Client Service Electronic Mail Ever!

Confirmation emails are condition quo - or in addition to hence I thought!  This yr I made a commitment to improve my wellness in addition to get-go working out iv - v times per week.  I approximate if you lot seat a lot in, you'll instruct a lot out.  Anyway, I decided to get-go using to a greater extent than or less supplements to growth my poly peptide intake in addition to improve the character of what I seat into my body.  

Customer Communication Is Key.
Searching for to a greater extent than or less repast replacement drinks in addition to supplements online, I came across  It happens to live on a real robust site including a sum marketplace, advice, in addition to additional resources that let you lot to rails your progress.  After ordering online I received the touchstone confirmation electronic mail - that was well-nigh a calendar week ago.  Today I received a follow upward electronic mail from the Customer Service Manager that was both personalized in addition to unexpected.  It knocked my socks off!  I've included the entire electronic mail herein:

Hello Michael! 

It has been 7 days since your social club was shipped in addition to hence hopefully your social club #14077740 was delivered without whatever problems. We made certain to send your social club every bit QUICKLY every bit possible! I promise our service compaction your expectations.

I noticed you lot ordered a poly peptide powder. Smart! We direct hold seen the best results from customers when they piece of employment a poly peptide pulverisation everyday similar clockwork. The Met-Rx Meal Replacement, eighteen Packets, Chocolate Peanut Butter is a non bad one.

I works life this novel article for you lot well-nigh poly peptide that volition aid you lot instruct the best results:
Protein Bio-Availability Explained! It was written yesteryear Joey Vaillancourt.

Don't forget that taking a multi-vitamin tin aid you lot instruct amend results.

Jeff Newman
Customer Service Manager
2026 S. Silverstone Way
Meridian, ID 83642 USA

WOW!  That's the best friggin' follow upward electronic mail I intend I've ever received.  The argue I intend it was in addition to hence skillful is because the unexpected electronic mail was:
  • Personalized based on my order
  • Specific amongst regard to what I ordered
  • Reinforced the buy decisions I made
  • Encouraged me to piece of employment what I bought
  • Provided additional value-added references
  • Provided contact information
How does your client service messaging mensurate up?  I promise this event volition serve every bit a means to motivate all of us to intend well-nigh our communications amongst customers afterward the sale.  As marketers nosotros know that keeping a client is oft much to a greater extent than affordable than acquiring a novel one.  

Take a closer human face at your follow upward processes.  If you lot are communicating afterward the sale, is your communication personalized?  Does it supply production buy information?  Additional resources that are related to the purchase? We tin ever brand our follow upward communications better!

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