The Latest Inward Social Media Websites: Introducing Pinterest

Okay, here's a novel one... a virtual pivot board.  I cause got to acknowledge that I dearest learning virtually novel social websites together with online applications.  When I heard virtually the latest edition to the emerging listing of novel sites I had to plough to a boyfriend social media users to ameliorate sympathise what this was all about. This week, Lianne Froggatt tells us to a greater extent than virtually a novel site that serves equally a virtual pivot board to collect everything beautiful or meaningful on the web.

I confess I am completely addicted to Pinterest. I recollect this may hold upwards the most compelled I cause got been to a social media site since MySpace showtime came on the scene dorsum inwards my youth.  However, since becoming embroiled inwards the globe of online marketing together with SEO, I can’t aid but hold upwards drawn non solely to the pretty pictures but the incredible potential that this site tin offer.

Pinterest allows users to pivot images from whatever site onto virtual boards nether whatever topic from crafts to food. Described equally a ‘virtual pinboard’, this prototype bookmarking site provides an interesting platform on which to exercise a buzz virtually a website together with potentially lots of links dorsum to it. As it currently stands, Pinterest allows followed links which agency that every fourth dimension something is pinned or re-pinned, the master copy source volition have a backlink to their domain from a powerful, authoritative website (unlike most other social media platforms)

Pinterest non solely provides a bookmarklet that users tin operate to pivot products together with images whenever but at that spot is also a Pin It push available for websites together with blogs. The value of embracing Pinterest inwards this way could hold upwards extremely beneficial for your companionship together with social media profile.

Not solely tin Pinterest furnish links inwards this fashion which proves extremely beneficial for search marketing, the really nature of the site is inherently different from the primary other social network sites out there.

Twitter is getting ameliorate at displaying images, but is nevertheless really much a text based medium encouraging conversation together with debate. Facebook has emphasized photograph sharing to its user base, yet amongst the fantabulous tagging characteristic they seat the focus firmly on the human relationship betwixt images together with people. Facebook concern pages tin hold upwards vivid for engagement together with providing data virtually your company’s products together with services, but Pinterest allows the emphasis to hold upwards primarily on the products.

Other sites that focus on images such equally Flickr or Photobucket cause got a marked departure to Pinterest; the primary focus is on the organisation together with sharing of your ain photos equally opposed to the Pinterest which encourages people to part anything that they similar or enjoy.  Sites similar these also don’t cause got the visual touching of Pinterest which is minimal inwards damage of text or surrounding space- it is all virtually the images.

So, what tin this innovative together with exciting social media platform hateful for your business? Many companies cause got already been utilising Pinterest, creating their ain accounts together with using this platform equally a tool to promote their business, a proficient lawsuit beingness Warner Bros shop’s Pinterest boards.

So, equally promised, hither are v transcend tips for using Pinterest to aid marketplace your company:
      1.  For visual businesses a Pinterest concern human relationship volition only hold upwards a vivid online gallery of your work, hold upwards that photography, have on or crafts together with aid exercise an awareness of your stuff.  Make certain you lot update your boards regularly together with buy the farm on the items you lot pivot inwards keeping amongst the experience of the site.  Hand out flyers inwards your store or at your gallery opening consummate amongst QR codes that volition cause got people straight to your online gallery.
2. Create an ‘online catalog’ using different boards for different item groups together with aid your potential customers navigate around what you lot cause got to offer.

3. A Pinterest led marketing drive would hold upwards a vivid together with unique way to promote your business.  Create a hidden landing page on your site for an exclusive production that tin solely hold upwards accessed through the Pinterest link. Or run a teaser board inwards the sew to the launch of a novel production or event, your pins alluding to what it could hold upwards together with the terminal pivot beingness a reveal. Having interesting boards volition encourage people to follow them together with part your content. 

 If you lot run a service equally opposed to having products, cause got photos of your finished work, for lawsuit a barber could exercise different boards of brusk styles, upwards do’s together with and therefore on. Currently Pinterest is mainly used past times women together with therefore it volition hold upwards peculiarly proficient for these types of services.
Get leaflets printed amongst QR codes linking straight to your boards. Hand them out at an opening or event, or only cause got them lying around inwards your shop.  Take your customers straight to your boards together with buy the farm on your piece of occupation inwards the forefront of their minds.
As a relative new-comer inwards the social media network for businesses, at that spot is a existent chance amongst Pinterest to exercise a unique together with exciting buzz virtually your company.  Currently the site is invitation only; you lot tin asking an invite or hold upwards invited past times a electrical flow member. I exercise cause got a few invites left together with therefore experience costless to exit a comment or drib me an electronic mail together with I volition ship ane over.

Happy Pinning!

This post is written past times Lianne Froggatt, a fresh faced meshing marketer at IdeasByNet, a UK promotional gifts distributor. Interested inwards social media marketing, SEO together with full general meshing marketing, she would dearest your feedback. Find her at or tweet her @Lianne_Froggatt.

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