5 Ways To Plough Every Page Into A Landing Page

Landing pages are similar a middle child. They’re highly scrutinized. They never alive upward to the expectations nosotros laid for them. They are constantly belittled, demeaned too made fun of yesteryear other webpages. They believe the standards laid for them are equally good high too they experience similar everything they hit is mercilessly picked apart. Such is the life of a landing page.

Well, today my plea is to get-go treating every page on your site similar a landing page. Hold every page accountable for converting. Start scrutinizing every page, non simply your landing pages. Because estimate what volition come about if yous hit get-go treating every page similar a landing page? Your website volition convert more. We did it, too it works.

Here are five ways to larn started.
1) Calls to Action – To process your entire website similar a landing page yous take away calls-to-action on every page. Include telephone telephone to activeness buttons too fifty-fifty curt forms on every page of your website. For example, websites similar LogMyCalls, Marketo too Hubspot bring ‘Request a Demo’ buttons too ‘Free Trial’ buttons on nearly every unmarried page. You recall these pages convert? Absolutely.

2) Set upward Google Analytics Goals for Pages – Most marketers simply gear upward goals for their landing pages. But yous are smarter than that. You are going to gear upward goals for every unmarried page yous desire to convert. These are the pages yous desire to concur accountable. Don’t hold upward afraid to gear upward funnels for 10 or fifteen pages.

3) Keep Track of Metrics – Most marketers know what their conversion charge per unit of measurement is for their landing pages, but what’s your dwelling page’s conversion rate? What’s the conversion charge per unit of measurement for your blog? What’s the conversion charge per unit of measurement for your Products too Features pages? You should know what percent of visitors to these pages are heeding the calls-to-action that you’ve provided.

4) Include Phone Numbers – This is critical. BIA/Kelsey latterly released a study that provided this statistic: 61% of companies state incoming telephone calls are their best atomic number 82 source. That’s important. That agency yous should specifically endeavour to larn customers to telephone telephone yous (in nearly businesses). You tin sack hit this yesteryear putting telephone numbers on every page possible. These telephone numbers should hold upward tracking telephone numbers too then yous tin sack rails how many calls each page produces (that volition touching your conversion rate). FWIW, yous should already hold upward incorporating telephone telephone telephone conversion rates into your landing page conversion rates.

5) Optimize – Just similar yous bear witness too optimize a landing page, yous should bear witness too optimize other pages. Play roughly amongst buttons, forms, placements, colors too calls-to-action. You desire a higher conversion charge per unit of measurement for every page, non simply your landing pages.

Get Started
Here’s the point: brand every page convert. Instead of thinking ‘we take away to larn them to a landing page from the dwelling page,’ think, ‘let’s plow the dwelling page into a landing page.’ Just set calls-to-action similar buttons too curt forms everywhere too you’ll get-go to come across your website convert similar a landing page.If yous follow these steps your website volition convert more. 

Let’s reach the middle-child landing page a pause too get-go asset other pages accountable too. 

Jason Wells 

Jason Wells is the CEO of ContactPoint. Their novel product, LogMyCalls, represents the side yesteryear side generation of intelligent telephone telephone tracking too marketing automation. Prior to joining ContactPoint, Jason served equally the Senior Vice President of Sony International, where he led the creation too international expansion of Sony’s mobile work concern trace from London. 

Jason has spoken on marketing topics at SES New York, SES Toronto, Ad Tech, Digital Hollywood, Nokia World, CTIA too elsewhere. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. To read Jason’s operate delight add together LogMyCalls to your Google+ circles too follow them on Twitter.


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