Creating An Online Marketing Community

A petty over a twelvemonth ago, I ready out to construct an online marketing community.  And honestly, a lot of people thought I was nuts.  With social media ruling the day, creating an online community could live on considered old-school.  But the reality is that social media has solely raised the awareness of the importance of community... fifty-fifty inwards marketing.

Last twelvemonth I launched the
Internet Marketing Forum.  The finish was simple, "Give a platform to marketers that allows them to percentage ideas, contribute, too construct a existent community."  And I'm happy to say, a twelvemonth later, The Marketing Forum has only surpassed 4,000 members.  Yeah, I'm pretty pumped.

The Marketing Forum has a release of sub-forums roofing everything from Internet marketing to full general chat.  You'll uncovering threads too posts roofing the next areas:

-Internet Marketing Forum
-Special Offers Forum
-Search Engine Optimization
-Adwords/PPC/SEM Forum
-Social Media Forum
-Affiliate Programs
-Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings
-Marketing Classifieds
-Domains For Sale
-Internet Marketers For Hire
-HTML & Web Design
-Graphics & Multi-Media
-Content Management
-Web Site Programming
-General Chat
-Local Meetings, Mastermind Groups, And Events

As you lot tin see, nosotros comprehend almost e'er theme you lot tin icon too I'm therefore excited yesteryear the dialog that happens each too every twenty-four hr catamenia across these forums.  Because the forum is moderated, you'll uncovering solely engaging conversations too growing listing of contributors.

Help us accomplish our adjacent finish of 5,000 too and then 10,000 members.  Join today!

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