How To Install A Wordpress Blog

This past times calendar week I tried to install WordPress on a novel domain via a "quick install" characteristic on Guess what?  It didn't work.  The proficient word is that alongside about dorsum as well as forth alongside Godaddy support, I in conclusion got the existent instructions.  If you're struggling to install WordPress on a novel domain, follow these instructions.

Installing WordPress using Go Daddy Hosting Connection is the easiest agency to teach WordPress upwardly as well as running on your domain if it plant (it didn't for me).

However, yous tin install it manually into your shared hosting line of piece of occupation concern human relationship using the next instructions.

To hit this, yous volition withdraw the next items:
-A compatible hosting line of piece of occupation concern human relationship which supports PHP as well as MySQL
-Your FTP line of piece of occupation concern human relationship login information. This includes the FTP User Name as well as Password for your hosting account.
-A MySQL Database for WordPress as well as the Database information.
-The latest version of WordPress which yous tin download from
NOTE:This article assumes yous already get got a compatible hosting line of piece of occupation concern human relationship as well as your FTP login information. If this is non the case, obtain these items as well as and then furnish to the article.

The side past times side pace is to practice a MySQL Database for WordPress.  No 1 always told last this close installing WordPress only trust me - this is what gets your installation genuinely working.  Follow these specific instructions as well as you'll last upwardly as well as running inward non time.
-Log inward to your Account Manager 
-Click Web Hosting.
-Next to the hosting line of piece of occupation concern human relationship yous desire to use, click Launch.
-In the Databases department of the Hosting Control Center, click the MySQL icon.
-Click Create New Database.
-Enter a description, WordPress for instance.
-Enter a user advert as well as password.
-Specify your MySQL version.
-Specify whether yous desire to allow Direct Database Access.
NOTE: Direct Database Access is a less secure agency to handle your hosted databases which most users practice non require. If yous practice non withdraw to access your database remotely, as well as then yous should non enable Direct Database Access. For to a greater extent than information, come across Why Connect Remotely to Shared Hosting Databases.

Verify your MySQL database settings. If everything looks OK, click OK. It may accept a few minutes to practice your database. Click your browser's Refresh push to cheque if your database is ready.

Once yous get got laid upwardly a database for your account, yous tin discovery your host advert information past times clicking the Pencil icon side past times side to the advert of your database. Note the next items, every bit they volition last needed afterwards inward the install process:
  1. Host Name
  2. Database Name
  3. Database User Name
Now, yous withdraw to download the latest version of WordPress from their servers. This tin last establish at

-Install WordPress
Unzip the file from WordPress, as well as and then upload the contents of the WordPress folder to your hosting line of piece of occupation concern human relationship using an FTP client. This directory tin last stored anywhere inward your account, inward this illustration it volition last inward the beginning (  NOTE: Do non upload the wordpress folder itself, solely its contents.

Begin the WordPress installation past times going to
-Click Create a Configuration File.
Click Let's go!

Complete the next fields, as well as and then click Submit:
  1. Database Name — Enter your database's name.
  2. User Name — Enter your database's name.
  3. Password — Enter your database's password.
  4. Database Host — Enter your database's Host Name.
  5. Table Prefix — Do non alter this field, unless yous desire to run multiple WordPress installations.
Click Run the install.

Complete the on-screen fields for your blog's details, as well as and then click Install WordPress.

That's it! Your WordPress weblog is at 1 time installed. For assistance inward the laid upwardly as well as maintenance of your blog, come across the Getting Started alongside WordPress page at  Also, last certain to search online for assist from people who are experiencing the same issues yous powerfulness last having alongside WordPress every bit a total site or blog.  Happy blogging!

For assist alongside additional weblog resources catch blogdash.

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