How To Popular Off Attention

I desire to start this post alongside a simple, yet profound query for yous to ponder virtually your ain business…

“What is the 1 thing in addition to commencement thing yous precisely exercise to larn coin inwards your business?”

The answers I quest heed when I inquire this query from a alive audience ranges from “Create a product” to “Make a sale.”

While these answers seem to brand sense, the real commencement thing yous must exercise inwards fellowship to larn coin inwards your line of piece of occupation concern is to GET THE ATTENTION OF YOUR TARGET MARKET.  It’s the critical commencement footstep to whatsoever marketing effort.

My mentor, Dan Kennedy, has this to say virtually this topic,

“It happens constantly in addition to it is the hidden undercover argue why in addition to then many marketing campaigns autumn means curt of their potential.  Not because the offering isn’t skillful or wouldn’t hold out welcomed past times all the recipients; precisely because many of the recipients never know virtually it because nosotros neglect to ascendency their attention.”

Reread Dan’s statement.  It’s simple, yet profound.  Basically yous tin bring the best production or service, yet if yous are non getting the attending of your target market, you’re going to function broke.

Not also long agone I was visiting New York City.  While there, I strolled over to Times Square.  If you’ve ever been to Times Square yous know it’s an overwhelming sensory experience.  There’s traffic noise, visual noise, people noise.  It’s a bombardment in addition to if yous remain at that topographic point also long in addition to your senses start to larn numb.

Trying to marketplace your production or services today is no dissimilar than standing inwards Times Square in addition to yelling at the plow over of your lungs.  There’s no escape to all the marketing in addition to advertising dissonance people face.  TV, radio, billboards, paper in addition to magazines, straight mail, banner ads, pop-up ads, Google ads. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Your challenge is to cutting through all the dissonance in addition to clutter in addition to exercise top-of-the-mind awareness alongside your target market.

Sadly… most marketing fails, because it is in addition to then “plain vanilla” in addition to ordinary.  People are busy. They’re jaded, guarded, in addition to skeptical. Some are inexpensive in addition to down-right rude.

 Lots of folks bring no time, no patience, in addition to footling involvement inwards what you’re selling.  So how tin yous await to larn their attending past times precisely adding to the noise?


One of the most effective techniques to pick out grip of the attending of your reader, either online or offline, is to purpose fake handwritten notes in addition to doodles.  In this solar daytime in addition to historic catamenia of computer-generated everything, the ability of handwriting stands out.

You cannot aid but run across this technique used to a greater extent than in addition to more.  It’s inwards the advertisements inwards your weekend paper; it’s on telly commercials in addition to inwards magazine ads. I’ve fifty-fifty seen it used effectively on mass covers.  You are straightaway starting to run across its purpose on Web sites, blogs in addition to crush pages.

The purpose of fake handwriting goes dorsum a long means inwards advertising, however, many copywriters in addition to marketers give me credit for this most recent in addition to widespread purpose of handwritten doodles alongside the creation of CopyDoodles®. 

As a affair of fact, marketing guru, Bill Glazer called CopyDoodles, “the biggest enhancement I bring seen inwards the final 10 years for people that are writing re-create for bumping the response in addition to making the re-create much to a greater extent than interesting.” 

Before CopyDoodles, the physical care for to add together handwritten doodles was both time-consuming in addition to tedious.  Now yous tin add together these powerful doodles to your marketing inwards mere seconds.
Over the years, my clients in addition to I bring done a issue of divide tests in addition to across the boards the materials that comprise handwritten notes in addition to doodles ever perform ameliorate than those without them.
Of class yous bring to know how in addition to when to purpose them appropriately (just slapping a bunch of CopyDoodles on your materials without proper context tin hold out counter-productive).

So why is fake handwriting in addition to then effective?
Legendary straight marketer in addition to author of Common Sense Direct Marketing, Drayton Bird, says, “The purpose of handwritten notes inwards the margins tin add together multifariousness in addition to involvement to the oculus in addition to brain.”  Quite simply, the widespread purpose of computers, discussion processing in addition to Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation printers has created “homogenized marketing.” Meaning 95% of everything looks the same.  When yous innovate a handwritten or hand-drawn chemical factor to the mix, it becomes real dissimilar inwards a simple, human-personality form of way.

The effectiveness of a elementary ruby-red handwritten notation in addition to doodle to a spider web page or straight post slice tin hold out huge in addition to over fourth dimension this type of re-create cosmetic technique tin add together thousands of dollars to your bottom line.  Try it in addition to run across for yourself!


Mike Capuzzi is a marketing strategist, author, speaker in addition to newsletter publisher.  Since 1998, he has been helping entrepreneurs in addition to line of piece of occupation concern owners improve their marketing in addition to response rates.  He is the inventor of the wildly successful CopyDoodles, which allows anybody to rapidly in addition to easily add together handwriting elements to their marketing.  For a FREE ebook on how to growth your marketing response in addition to to a greater extent than data virtually CopyDoodles watch

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